Gymastics Lessons

The Sovereign Centre's Gymastics Programme is an introductory gymnastics programme for 4-11 year olds.  We are running it in partnership with British Gymnastics, offering fun, structured classes to introduce kids to this great sport in Eastbourne.  Gymnastics can help with improvement in skills like balance and co-ordination along with a whole host of other key life skills.

Our Programme is set out in 3 Levels, Jump into Gymnastics, Core Proficiency 1 and Core Proficiency 2

Jump into Gymnastics

Jump into Gymnastics is our introductory level and covers the very basics of gymnastics in a fun and challenging way across a range of gymnastics disciplines.

Core Proficiency 1 and 2 

Core Proficiency Awards are developed for primary school aged children, this awards scheme is built around 10 different types of activity i.e. strength, jumping and rolling with 8 levels of attainment.

Gymnastics Classes are booking now! 

Please call 01323 738822 or email to book

Gymnastics Lessons are available 50 weeks of the year and payable by a monthly direct debit of £21.95 per month.

Gymastics Lessons Timetable

Please see our gymnastics lessons timetable for the 1st October onwards below or click to download a copy.

gymnastics lessons timetable.jpg