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Baby and Preschool Swimming Lessons

Discovery Ducklings and Stage 1

The Sovereign Centre's Learn to Swim Programme follows the Swim England Pathway.  Our lessons ensure all swimmers are supported, whatever their ability.  From their first splash through to club level swimming.

Learn to Swim Pathway

Discovery Ducklings 1-4

Preschoolers will move through Duckling Stages 1-4 with skills and age progression.  Ducklings 1-3 require an adult in the water and in Duckling 4 preschoolers attend their lesson alone for the first time.

Once preschoolers progress beyond the Duckling Classes they will enter the learn to swim programme, starting with Stage 1.

Stage 1

No parent in the water.  Suitable for preschool children aged 4 years.  Preferably to have completed Duckling 4.

Swimming Lessons Covid-19 Guidance for using the Centre

For the latest guidance on using our centre under Covid-19 and information for swimming lessons pupils please visit our FAQ page.  Follow the links at the top or left of the screen or click here.

Swimming Lessons are available 50 weeks of the year and payable by a monthly direct debit of £27 per month.

Swimming Lessons are now open for bookings!  

Please contact reception to book your child's place 01323 738822

or email

Swimming Lessons Timetable

Please see our swimming lessons timetable below or click to download a copy.

Swimming lessons timetable Aug 23.jpg
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