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Membership Freeze's and Cancellations


We hope you never want to leave us... but if you do need a break from your membership, below are the details of our membership freeze and cancellations.

Cancellation Requests:

Standard DD - you can cancel by providing us with 30 days written notice of your request.  Please note as DD payments are collected on the 1st of the month the membership will always end on the last day of the month following the 30 day notice period.  (i.e. cancel on the 8th of October and your membership will end 30th November)

12 Month Minimum Term Contract DD -  you cannot cancel your membership for the first 12 months.  Following on from this you can then cancel with the same terms as the Standard DD.  Please note your membership does not automatically stop after the 12 month period, it will continue until you cancel with the process as per the above standard DD.

Pay in Full Annual memberships - these memberships cannot be cancelled and are non refundable.

Freeze Requests:

We understand that there are sometimes reasons why you might need to take a short break from your membership, and in these situations we offer the chance to freeze our memberships.  Please note memberships will automatically restart after a freeze and we recommend noting down the date this will happen for your records.

Standard DD and Pay in Full Annual memberships - a freeze can be requested for 1-3 months up to 3 times a year to a maximum of 9 months in a 12 month period.

12 Month Minimum Term Contract DD - a freeze can be requested for 1-3 months once in the initial 12 month period.  After the initial 12 months is complete a freeze can be requested under the same terms as a Standard DD.

Swimming and Gymnastics Lessons DD - unfortunately due to demand for spaces on our lessons programme we cannot accept freeze requests for these memberships.

Please either email with your request or complete the form below.

You will receive a response from a member of the team which we recommend saving for your records.  If you do not receive a response within a week please contact us to ensure we have received your request.

Membership Freeze or Cancellation Form

Thanks for submitting!

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